"Leader of the East......."

Metal based stationery


SDI: "Leader of the East"


SDI Corporation, worlds largest manufacturer of Staplers (over 10million pieces per annum), Clips and Clamps, now also producing a range of surprising quality of correction tapes.

Whereas European brands are dominating markets here, SDI's brand is leading markets in the Far East. What you should know, however, is that most World Brands have their product designs manufactured by SDI, and that's why SDI is the largest manufacturer of staplers in the world !!

Also fact is that SDI is designing and manufacturing so-called "lead-frames" that are metal components for computer chips and transistors. 

In-house designing & building of tools and dies for progressive stamping, injection moulding, technology of hardening steel, grinding for sharpening, product painting and in-line silver/gold spot-plating, guarantees the success of SDI's quality manufacturing of office products.

Metal based stationery products